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We can lengthen the service life of your drill bits.   The cost of one drill may not be much, but if you need thousands for your operation, the expense can become significant.  Bremen Tool is a high-volume precision grinding service specializing in drill bit re-sharpening for industrial accounts. We have the equipment to grind HSS drills, in fractional, letter, number and metric sizes. We can reduce the cost of drilling holes in your product!

With more than 30 years of quality service to metal manufacturers of America:

        We have the equipment, tooling, and experience to process 20,000 HSS drills per week.

        We can re-grind HSS drills from 1/8" through 3" diameter.

        We are a dealer for Norseman Drill and Tool Company for all your hole making needs.

Contact Bremen Tool to make arrangements for a no obligation trial sample of your drills. We will recondition a reasonable quantity of your drills for you to test in your shop under your conditions.  Send a sufficient number of drills for a good test. Be sure to securly pack the drills so they do not break out of the shipping container.  Include full contact information, and return shipping information.  Tell us what kind of point geometry you need, and include a P.O. if your company requires it.