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We can lengthen the service life of your drill bits.   The cost of one drill bit may not be much, but if you need thousands for your operation, the expense can become significant.  Bremen Tool is a high-volume precision grinding service specializing in drill bit re-sharpening for industrial accounts. We have the equipment to grind HSS drills, in fractional, letter, number and metric sizes. We can reduce the cost of drilling holes in your product!

                   NEW!        CNC lathe with an automatic bar feeder
                                                    CNC milling machine

We are pleased to announce the addition of new manufacturing capabilities: a CNC milling machine, and a CNC lathe with an automatic bar feeder.

    The CNC lathe is a Takisawa TS-4000YS coupled to a Iemca Master 80 HF automatic bar feeder.
    ★The lathe/bar feeder can handle stock 3/4" to 3" in diameter and up to 30" long.   
    ★Various live machine operations can be performed on parts, including but not limited to drilling, tapping, number etching, and spiral cutting.  
    ★This machine is designed for high volume production

    The milling CNC machine is a Brother Speedio S700X1.
    ★Currently set for 4-axis, but can be configured to 5 axis.

Contact Bremen Tool for more information, and to make arrangements for a no obligation assesment of your needs for drills or for manufacturing your parts.