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Bremen Tool Capabilities

HSS and Cobalt Drills

With more than 30 years of quality service to metal manufacturers of America:

Using the same Winslow and Oliver drill grinders found in most major drill manufactures, we can regrind the following points on your tools:

  • Conventional points: 1/8" thru 3"
  • Split points: 1/8" thru 3/4"
  • Web thin points: 1/2" thru 3"
  • Center (spot): 3/8" thru 1-3/4"
  • 3-4 Fluted (core): 1/2" thru 3"

We can gring points from 90° thru 140°, inclusive.

We have the equipment, tooling, and experience to process 20,000 HSS drills per week. For drills 1/2" and smaller, our equipment is designed for high-volume operation.  For drills 1/2" and smaller, low volume production runs incur unacceptable costs most of the time.  Our equipment is designed to grind low volume runs for drills 9/16" through 3".

We can re-grind HSS drills from 1/8" through 3" diameter.

We are a dealer for Norseman Drill and Tool Company for all your hole making needs.

Carbide Drills

We are sales agents for one of the leading carbide tool re-grinding shops in Indiana.  Call us for information about re-grinding and re-coating carbide tools such as drills and end mills.