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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your drills will work as good as NEW!! You will be able to reduce your inventory with Bremen Tool's consistant turnaround time. A good strategy for cost containment is to rework and recondition your metal cutting tools.

Our Equipment

Bremen Tool will resharpen your drills using specialized drill grinders identical to those found in most major drill manufacturers. We use the finest Winslow drill grinders made by Winslow Engineering, and Oliver drill grinders made by  Oliver of Adrian.


Send us some of your drills for a sample of our work. Send a sufficient number of drills for a good test. Be sure to securly pack the drills so they do not break out of the shipping container.  Include full contact information, and return shipping information.  Tell us what kind of point geometry you need, and include a P.O. if your company requires it.  Contact us for more information, or if you have any other questions.