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Reduce Your Drilling Costs

Our goal is to reduce your drilling costs through a comprehensive drill bit re-conditioning program. 
We believe there are several requirements for a successful program.  

The first requirements fall on the high-volume drill user.  There are four things that need to be done:

     Use good quality drills.  We have all heard the phrase “garbage in - garbage out.”   Well, if we receive a poor quality drill, we can grind a pretty point on it but it is still a poor quality drill that will not preform very well.  Please see our "Guarantee" page for a detailed discussion on quality.
     Always buy the same drill from the same manufacturer.  Once you have determined your standard drill for a given size, stick to that standard.  Getting the drill from different vendors is not a problem, just be sure it is the same drill (model or part #) as your standard.  This will reduce one of the most difficult challenges all resharpeners face: working with drills in a given size that vary in web-thickness.  When the web-thickness varies, it is difficult to get the split perfect and a less than perfect split will reduce drill performance.  Our regular customers who buy the same drill from the same manufacturer almost always get a perfect split because there is little variation in the web thickness.
      Control access to the sharp drills.   The most successful programs require a dull drill be turned in before a sharp drill is released.  This will stop good drills from ending up in the trash or being stolen.

      Management should determine the use of new vs. re-sharp drills, not the employees.

The next requirements fall on Bremen Tool.

It could be argued that this is the most important of all.  If the quality is poor, the best price and fast turnaround really mean little because the drill will not work correctly.  So how does Bremen Tool approach the quality issue? 
        We completely train our employees so they know how to re-grind a drill.  They are also completely trained on how to operate our specialized grinders.
        We use only the best grinders for your drills, which are carefully maintained - including the tooling required for each drill size. The tooling serve two purposes -  keep the drill perfectly centered, and stop drills with even the slightest bend from going through.  This means you will get a centered drill that is perfectly straight.
        We use only the best coolant oil.  This produces the best finish and keeps our grinding wheels clean for a cooler cut.  The oil also keeps the drill cool during the grind cycle which maintains the original hardness (drills should be 62-64 on the Rockwell scale). Too high or too low will mean the drill will not last its normal, intended life.
        We clean the drills before they are re-sharpened.  We remove all dirt, tar, calk, and random metals that have been galled onto the tool.  This is done by both mechanical and chemical means.  
       Finally, we do regular random quality checks to make sure the tools have the correct angles, are centered properly, and the machines are operating at standard.

Turnaround Time:
    We do this by carefully planning, and controlling our work.  This should reduce your required drill inventory.   Please see our detailed discussion on turnaround time.

    While we maintain a set price list, none of our best customers pay full price.  Our best customers generally follow the 1% rule.  That is, the number of different sizes of a given order will not exceed 1% of the total drills in that order.  For example: For an order of 5000 drills, there will be no more than 50 different sizes.  Drill orders that exceed the 1% guideline will result in higher pricing.  As stated on our home page, we are a high volume precision grinding service.

We would be happy to meet with you to review this entire program in detail in your plant to help identify areas of potential cost savings, and to answer any questions or concerns you may have.